At Divine Woman Retreats (DWR) we  believe in beauty, authenticity, and uniqueness.  We believe that the way we dress and project ourselves is a reflection of who we are on the inside. Beautiful is not just the model we see  in the media, sexy has many forms. 

Being radiant, sexy and divine is about contacting our inner self and honouring our strengths, fragilities, creativity, sexuality, emotions and intuitions that make up our individuality.  It’s about accepting ourselves fully and saying to the world YES!!! THIS IS ME ! and I’m going to let myself shine ! 

We believe that women need to empower other women to do the same, we want to create connections not competition. It’s about being beautiful not only on the outside but radiating from the inside. We need divine women in this world, and this world needs you. 

At DWR we help every women…

({}) connect with their inner feminine power

({}) contact their own sexuality and pleasure

({}) develop body consciousness

({}) bring forth their inner and outer beauty

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                                          while :

                                         ({}) visiting gorgeous France

                                         ({}) wining and dining in renowned restaurants

                                         ({}) shopping in French boutiques

                                         ({}) resting in the luscious countryside

                                         ({}) eating nutritious delicious food

                                         ({}) creating friendships with other divine women



Divine woman workshops is the fruit of a wonderful collaboration between Carly Ko and Karine Maurer, both empowered beautiful women in their own unique ways.

They both are passionate about self awarenessembracing femininity, and offering their secrets to help other women to reveal their own unique divineness. 

The only retreat in France that combines pleasure, wine tasting and awareness for women only !

be radiant, be sexy, be divine— be you.