About us

maurer karine38058 1Divine Woman Workshops is a collaboration between

Carly Ko and Karine Maurer.

Carly Ko (USA)

Carly Ko
  • professional actress and model
  • Hatha Yoga certified teacher
  • trained in corporeal consciousness (Théâtre du mouvement)
  • voice and intuitive dance
  • somatic movement and expressive arts therapy and nonviolent communication with Tamalpa Life Art Process.
  • practices Therapeutic Touch massage
  • and a proud mother…




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Karine Maurer (France)

Karine Maurer
  • therapeutic touch
  • hypnotherapist
  • massage therapist
  • Access Bars
  • Access Consciousness
  • expert in women’s sexuality
  • former trainer for LANCOME makeup artists
  • former beautician and sports trainer
  • and mother of 4 children



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Divine woman workshops is the fruit of a wonderful collaboration between Carly Ko and Karine Maurer, both empowered beautiful women in their own unique ways.



They both are passionate about self awarenessembracing femininity, and sharing their experience to help other women reveal their inner and outer beauty. 

Both Karine Maurer and Carly Ko are professionally active in their respective trades and are proud to combine their  resources to offer women from all over the world the only workshops in France that combine pleasure, wine tourism and self awareness for women only!

Our workshops and retreats have been based in France, we are finally opening our retreats to international audiences. Our retreats are bilingual in French and English.

Some of our past and present events …

2016 – 2017

April 8, 2017, 2nd Festival of beauty and well being, 13 beautiful women attended our workshop, “Manifest your divine woman today !”



Femmes de Plaisir. Femmes de Vie. (Women of Pleasure. Women of Life.)

creative women’s workshops and sharing circles based on the exploration and understanding of one’s sexuality




Carly Ko taught at the Lyon International Yoga Festival both in 2016 and 2015


Yoga and Self Exploration  – Monthly full day workshops


Themes :

  • Ahimsa – non violence towards oneself on physical, mental and verbal levels
  • Satya: Incarnate one’s authenticity, align thoughts, words and acts
  • Asteya : Accepting one self and others as they are
  • Non Attachment : non attachment in relationships and within oneself
  • Karma Yoga : being present with the here and now
  • The right nutrition for my body and my soul
  • Self engagement – keeping a balance
  • The law of attraction
  • Connecting to the divine and trusting our higher self




Dedans Dehors (Inside Outside)


4 day retreat uniting yoga, contact improvisation, voice and therapeutic touch

the theme was to resource, share and reconnect. The retreat was held in a beautiful villa in the Bordeaux countryside.





Yoga, meditation and awareness retreat 2015 


Yoga and Movement through the 6 senses retreat 





Balancing Beauty Treatments with Karine Maurer


Yoga, Movement and Dance Classes with Carly Ko